Outdoor play and gaming at the same time?

Outdoor play is fun and healthy. Yet we see that children increasingly seem to be stuck to their tablet, smartphone or game console. We asked ourselves the question: "Can we change this? What if we combine the best of both worlds? Outdoor play and interactive gaming at the same time?" So that is what we made: Picoo is the first game console made for outdoor play! With Picoo you can play games such as ZombieRun and Lightning Bolt, or one of the many other games that you can download in our Picoo game store..

Picoo in action

The benefits of Picoo

Picoo combines smart sensors and interactive technology with the excitement and activity of outdoor games.


Outdoor play is often intense. Running, falling, getting up. Repeat. No worries: Picoo can take a beating.

Play together without a screen

Our games ensure that children really are playing with each other, instead of focused on a screen.

Always ready to play

No hassle with Wifi, GPS or 3G. Picoo works anytime, anyplace.

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Inside Picoo

When can my kids play with Picoo?

Picoo has launched on Indiegogo 🚀. By participating in the crowdfunding campaign, you will be the first to get access to Picoo, with a hefty discount!

I want a set!

A selection of our games



Make sure the spy is in your team before the time runs out! But… where is he?


Lightning Bolt

Blazingly fast, the lightning bolt moves from one player to the other! Are you fast enough to catch it?



Moles pop up everywhere… Catch them before they go underground again!

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